Port Hedland

21 02, 2020

2-month road trip form Melbourne to Alice Springs up to Darwin and then down to Perth as final destination – 2 travel mates wanted


From Melbourne to Adelaide -> Alice Springs -> Darwin -> West Coast to Perth starting on Monday, 23 March for approximately 2 months. As we still have two places in our campervan, we are looking for two more travel friends to join us on our trip through the outback and the beautiful west coast. We got to know each other about 5 months ago in Australia and have already experienced some very cool things with some others. Now the biggest and probably most exciting journey is about to begin, which we of course want to share with cool and fun-loving people.

17 02, 2020

5 to 6 weeks roadtrip from Perth to Darwin


I‘m in Perth at the moment looking for a travelmate to do the Westcoast. I plan to go up to Darwin in about 5-6 relaxed weeks doing this amazing roadtrip. I‘ve got a 4wd with a rooftop tent and all the camping equipment we’re gonna need

17 02, 2020

West Coast trip in September (travelmate wanted)


I am planning a trip on the west Coast. I would like to start at the 28/29th of august from Perth and will finish in 12th of september in Perth again. I have already rented a campervan for this time and I am looking for 1 or 2 companions. So we can share the costs.

17 02, 2020

Perth > Broome


With other friends, we are planning to leave Perth on 1st of March heading to Broome. I have a 4WD equipped with a rooftop tent.

14 02, 2020

Travel mates wanted from Perth to Broome


i'm looking for travel mates from Perth to Broome (or even all the way to Darwin). I want to leave around the 15th of March (but i'm flexible) and don't want to rush it (so at least 3weeks). I don't have a car but if you have i'm happy to share all the costs with you. And I would also like to staying at free campsites to save money.

11 02, 2020

Broome > Perth roadtrip 23.02.20


Is someone interested in a lift from Broome to Perth the 23.02.2020 ? We rented a 4WD from 23 February till the 3th of March and want to travel down to Esperance (so If you want to come with us to Esperance would be great as well) and than back to Perth.

9 02, 2020

Cairns > Perth


We are going to travel from Cairns to Perth from the 22nd of this month arriving in Perth around the 18th of March. Our plan is to drive along the coast, so it's going to be a lot of kilometers and a lot of beautiful landscape! We're also going to camp a lot. Looking for a travel mate to join us on part or the full journey. Interested as well in convoying with other groups.

5 02, 2020

Ride offer – Melbourne > Perth > Broome


Ride offer from Melbourne to Perth and up to final destination: Broome. Departing on the 15th Feb and need to arrive by 2nd of March. Looking for a relaxed ,fun travel mate to enjoy the road & fuel cost part way or full journey. Second time I have done this trip so I know some great places . This time in a comfy 4WD.