26 02, 2020

Roadtrip Melbourne to Perth via Great Ocean Road from 10th March


I'm starting my road trip from Melbourne (well, technically northern Victoria) to Perth via Great Ocean Road, Adelaide and all the other awesome spots around the 10th of March. I've got a Toyota hilux (4wd) with a built in bed, power points (solar panel), an oven and a stove, fridge, sink, wet suits and snorkel equipment and everything else you need for a road trip. I even have a spare tent and sleeping bags if you have no option of sleeping in your car!

23 02, 2020

3-week roadtrip between Melbourne and Perth (3 spare seats)


I wish to discover all this part quietly. To begin, I intend to go from the gold regions (Bendigo, Castlemaine Ballarat), the Great Ocean Road, Grampian National Park. Then I see as and when, we can talk about the nice spots to do along the trip, ADELAIDE- Espérance .

9 02, 2020

Perth > Esperance


5/6 Days (27th/28th of March till 2nd of April). I definitely don’t want to miss Lucky Bay and everything south of Perth. So I’m looking for travelmates to rent a car/camper or maybe someone who already has their own car/camper and travel from Perth to Esperance and back. Of course we’ll share the costs together!

9 02, 2020

Perth > Lucky Bay > Perth


16-26 February: Is anyone interested in doing a roadtrip down to Esperance/Lucky Bay (stopping at margaret river, Busselton, wave rock..) and back to Perth for about 8-10 days from the 16th of February?