Cradle Mountain

20 02, 2020

Tasmania (travelmate wanted)


I would like go to Tasmania around the end of March/ beginning of April (between 7 and 10 days). I don’t have car but I have my driver’s licence (international too) so if someone would like a trip there and have a free seat, I’m very interested!

19 02, 2020

Roadtrip from Adelaide to Melbourne then Tasmania


I'm planning on doing a road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne starting next week, leaving on 25 of February. It will take around 1-2 weeks and then I'm planning on going in Tasmania for maybe 3-4 weeks (so you are welcome to join me or I can drop you in Melbourne). I want to visit everything on the way. I'm planning on going via the great Ocean road but would love to do a little detour via Grampians national Park.

18 02, 2020

Tasmania (travel mate wanted)


Looking for a travelmate who can drive that wants to go to Tasmania with me around the 10th April! I’m currently in Melbourne and wanting to go for a week in a camper! :)

10 02, 2020

Tasmania roadtrip ends on 1st March


My friend and I will be going to Tasmania from 26 feb to 1st March, and We are thinking of getting a rental van or camper van to tour for 4 days around Tasmania and to sleep there. Who is interested to travel Tasmania together and share the expenses.

7 02, 2020

Tasmania road trip Feb-March 2020


My plan is to go to Tasmania around the 17 - 22 of February for 3 weeks (till around the 10th of March). I've got a car fully equipped for camping which I want to take over. So I would take the ferry from Melbourne to Devonport. Who wants to join me for Tasmania?!

5 02, 2020

Perth > Tasmania


Share a roadtrip from Perth to Melbourne then taking the ferry to Devonport and travelling all around Tassie. 1 month starting on the 18th of February. Join me!

28 12, 2019

1 week in Tassie


Share a 1-week roadtrip around Tassie starting from Hobart or Launceston. Departing on Tuesday, 24 March and ending the trip on 31 March 2020.