It may be feeling a bit stressfull, daunting or even scary to travel with a stranger in Australia especially if you are new to ridesharing. But do let those fears to give up from the idea of sharing a fantastic experience and enjoying a way cheaper way to travel around this beautiful country and continent by itself. Driving thousands of miles alone can be a dream for some but it is as well a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to share it with someone else. It can create life-long bond that you won’t forget!

Before embarking yourself into the wild, there are some few precautions to take. Here are 5 of our main recommendations:

  1. Coronavirus (COV-19). In March 2020, COVID-19 has been announced as a pandemic. Before considering any ridesharing, we recommend that you check carefully the World Health Organization website for the latest news in regards to this worldwide health outbreak. HopHop Ride refers you the World Health Organization advice including good hygiene, self-isolation and social distancing.
  2. Use the internal messenger offered by HopHop Ride to communicate to other members before sharing your personal details.
  3. Consider travelling with HopHop Riders who have a verified profile.
  4. Consider other common sense security habits, such as agreeing prior to the roadtrip to details such as dates and directions, travelling only with other girls if you are a girl, communicate with your family and/or close friends about your travel plans, take a photo of the vehicle number plate and driver licence to share with your relatives.
  5. Prepare for long rides across Australia’s wilderness, planning enough water, food and petrol for the full trip.

Your safety is essential while ridesharing in Australia and you will enjoy it if you stay aware of what can impact you. Trust your gut feeling and communicate to your close relatives prior to start any rides.

The HopHop Ride Team

Last Updated: March 2020